Game updates have been rolled out on 22nd February 2020. The following updates have been made.

  • Grade 10 Set now gives you special properties based on how many parts of the set are equipped.

    2 Parts
    • Reduce Damage taken by 20
    3 Parts
    • Reduce Damage taken by 40
    • Raise Evasion by 7%
    4 Parts
    • Reduce Damage taken by 60
    • Raise Evasion by 7%
    • Raise Critical Hit Evasion by 5%
    5 Parts (Full Set)
    • Reduce Damage taken by 80
    • Raise Evasion by 7%
    • Raise Critical Hit Evasion by 5%
    • Reduce Nullity and Curse chance by 7%

    The options on the set will appear regardless of the type of set worn. Nullity chance reduces the success rate of Freewill, Freedom and Razbadge skills on the player. Curse chance prevents negative curses from Episode 4 and above bosses to be cast successfully on the player. This is very important option that will help players tackle stronger bosses with special abilities in later episodes.

  • Level 160 and above Rings and Necklaces are available to purchase from Gilraen in Clororence. Please refer to the following links for more details about the properties provided by these new Rings and Necklaces.
  • Thrymgjor spawn cycles have been reset. The boss will now spawn based on the time it has last spawned and the time elapsed in killing it. The longer it survives each time, the stronger it gets.
  • Ranias now shares it's Health with it's illusions.
  • Sedemtare behaviour has been altered to make it faster when using the skill to teleport to a region wherein there are a lot of monsters or players.
  • Disconnecting in boss exclusive maps will return you back to the nearest town.

  • The A3 game client now runs in a secure mode and will fail to function if any applications are trying to interfere with it's functioning. If you are facing issues with the client, please contact the support team for technical assistance.
  • HP and MP potting will be temporarily rate-limited for players who abuse the potting system with the assistance of third party software or peripherals. This rate-limiting will cause the frequency of the potting to be restricted and it will be automatically applied by the game if unusually high number of potting attempts are detected.