Dear Customers,

We would like to thank all our users for all the help provided so far in testing the Beta Version of A3. We at A3 India feel we are ready to provide you with a new Episode that would include Hatrel Fortress and many new game features and maps.

A3 shall be going paid(Only for high level players) in the near future and as paid customers of A3 you would be looking at many benefits inside and outside the game. These benefits would include A3 Club Membership, Town Wars, Special Events, mercenaries... and much much more.

A3India is one of the first MMORPGs to begin a new concept of unlimited free gaming up to a certain level. And starting next week, we would enable the testing of the billing system.

Note: All low level players will be able to play A3 for Free. (Additional internet rates and cafe rates for pc access not included)

When the new billing system is put in place, accounts with characters above a certain level will be locked. To unlock and use them, the users would have to enter a renewal code in the My Account page on

High level character? Account Expired? Need to Renew? Don't worry :) During the testing period the site would give you a free renewal PIN to recharge your account. This would let you play for 2 days before which you would have to recharge again to continue.

Schedule for Testing and New Pages

28th June - New Registration Page

29th June - My Account Page with Renewal

29th June - New billing system to be enabled. - Accounts for highlevel characters can be unlocked by renewing through My Account Page on web site. (All low level character accounts to continue as is)

Team A3

COMING SOON: A survey on how much would you pay for playing A3 unlimited per month? Plus many gifts to be taken away.
(Watch next week.)