Game Updates for 22nd May 2020 are as follows :
  • A new client has been launched with better graphics. We have been working over the past 2 weeks trying to fine-tune the client and fix bugs. The client features higher resolution support and better fonts. You can change the resolution under the Launcher Settings.
  • Native Dualing support for client which has been under testing is now finally launched. Please uninstall any Third party softwares like Sandboxie to prevent client crashes.
  • Implemented automated Nevia Ban system that will ban players from accessing Nevia who intentionally die or excessively feed.
  • Nevia now has a level 30 minimum level restriction for wars and general access
  • Added Free PK mode to be used during Events.
  • Improved Artificial Intelligence for all bosses. They now navigate the map better and select targets more intelligently.
  • Improved PvP System to include level of the player along with town.
  • Increase PvP System level requirement to 130 to prevent shout spam.
  • Reworked the Grade 10 Set option Nullify/Curse miss chance to prevent too many consecutive misses. The miss chance is now Pseudo Random.
  • Improved drop rates for rare items to keep the supply demand ratio in check.

Latest client version is which can be downloaded from the website.