Contribution Points is an introduction to another form of currency. The purpose of points is to act as a secondary form of currency for a unique Premium shop which has been implemented into the game. Using this currency players can buy what they want when they get required number of points. There will be special Premium Shop added to Kaduru and Yaarmo which can be used to purchase Premium items. The introduction to this form of currency is to introduce a grinding-based system where players can get progression whether it be though special items which makes content easier or by allowing special crafting materials so that players can get gear progression. This makes the game seem less dependent on getting an item due to sheer luck but more dependent on the amount of effort a player puts into farming points.

You can gain Contribution Points by the following accomplishments but not limited to:
  • Completing Quets
  • Killing Bosses
  • Online Activity
  • Making account recharges
  • Rewards for Winning / Participating in Events.
Premium Shop

Premium shop can be accessed from Kaduru and Yaarmo NPC. You can purchase the following items from the Premium Shop.

Warrior Costumes:
Boss Karterian Costume
Rawak Costume
Hammerd Costume
Mage Costumes:
Mistress Costume
Princess Costume
Holy Knight Costumes:
Tuxedo Costume
Karterian Costume
Archer Costumes:
Maid Costume
Bunny Costume
Upgrade Materials:
Jewel of Harmony
Jewel of Reconciliation
Silbadus soul
Grace of Silbadu

Please note that Contribution points is with respect to each character and you will not be able to transfer the points to other characters even in the same account.

You can start collecting Contribution points starting from 1st February 2021. Details on how many points will be given for each Contribution and the costs associated with the purchase of Premium items will be made available in 2 separate server updates.