We are happy to inform that after a successful testing of our latest update on the subject which was announced earlier it has been decided to release the final update in our next maintenance after resetting the current contribution points of the players. We understand that it would be hard on the players who have worked hard for gaining those points and hence will compensate the players accordingly. Now what’s new with the update?

A3 India Season Pass will be activated on all active subscribers who have recharged their accounts at no extra cost. There will be 4 seasons every year namely Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Contribution Points will be reset every season and all the players will be given an equal opportunity to buy premium items from the shop before the season time ends. Keep in mind that “the early bird catches the worm”. So, the player who arrives first in a place is most likely to get what he wants. We have decided to add PK points as contribution points which can be used wisely to reach the goal. However, there is a twist in the tale which will be unfolded in the maintenance update. We are also happy to inform that we have updated the security and EAC has been updated to the latest version. Stay tuned as many more updates are scheduled to be released which are being tested.

PS: Players who have crossed 200000 CP will be awarded a 14-day Subscription Pin and 100000 CP will be awarded a 7-Day Subscription Pin respectively which they can claim within 3 days of the maintenance update. No more grace period will be given to claim the rewards.