Brave adventurers, your journey through the realms of Agonyl, Hatrel, and Heijend has been a testament to your strength, strategy, and perseverance. As you stand on the brink of the dark and mysterious Weidete, let's reflect on the path you've traversed and prepare for the challenges ahead.
Recap of Your Epic Journey:
  • Episode 1 (Agonyl): You've grown from a fledgling warrior to a seasoned fighter, leveling from 1 to 100. In the fields and dungeons of Agonyl, you've faced the wrath of the evil gods Kartere and Khainen, culminating in the epic defeat of Repaka in the temple of Vemerden.
  • Episode 2 (Hatrel): Your journey continued through the perilous lands of Peushinnerr and Taoudrumos, and the vengeful forests of Vellgrador and Deneherr. Despite not completing SQ 2-1, your victory over the Evil Queen Ranias marked a significant triumph.
  • Episode 3 (Heijend): In the blissful yet deceptive meadows of Chlororence, you've battled through Bughye, the forts of Spatokia and Paratopis, and the fierce forests of Hildtu and Sirpel. Your victory over the Undead Boss "Thrymgjor" in Sirpel's lost caves has set the stage for the next chapter.
Next Destination: Episode 4 (Weidete):
  • Objective: To embark on your journey to the dark swamps and formidable fortresses of Weidete, you must first conquer the challenges of Heijend. Completing the Special Quest Journals SQ 3-1 through SQ 3-5 is your key to progression.
  • The Twist: To unlock Episode 4, a special requirement awaits. SQ 3-1 to SQ 3-5, your gateway to Weidete, requires the completion of the elusive SQ 2-1 from Hatrel.
Time-Limited Challenge:
  • 12-Week Countdown: Players have a 12-week window to complete SQ 2-1 and SQ 3-1 to 3-5. This is a race against time, ending on April 6, 2024.
  • Recognition for Early Completion: Players who complete these quests before the deadline will have their names displayed on the OSD (On-Screen Display) as the elite group who have unlocked Weidete.
  • Consequences of Missing the Deadline: If you do not complete the Special Quest Journals by April 6, 2024, Seedhe will be released by the gamemasters. In this scenario, no names will be displayed on the OSD.

Seize the Opportunity: The upcoming Nevia Wars, occurring every Saturday and Sunday, present a golden chance to obtain the necessary SQ 2-1 scrolls. Participation is crucial for those who have yet to complete this quest.
Tips for Success:
  • Revisit Hatrel during the Nevia Wars to gather the scrolls for SQ 2-1.
  • Engage with other players for tips and strategies to conquer the Special Quest Journals.
  • Explore every corner of Heijend; hidden treasures and secrets could aid your journey.
Prepare for Weidete: Episode 4 will immerse you in a world of darkness and mystery, filled with new challenges and adventures. The choices you make and the battles you fight will carve your path through the swamps and fortresses of this enigmatic realm.
Stay Updated: Keep your game up to date for the best experience and to access all new content as it becomes available.
Your bravery and skills have brought you this far. Now, gather your strength, strategize your moves, and prepare to venture into the unknown depths of Weidete. The adventure continues, and the clock is ticking!