Dear all,

We guess you are all anxious to know what happened to us?

The Myth...
Wondering if we really got hacked aren't you ? And a few great minds among us have taken credit for doing this? Come now guys... get real. We all know the truth now don't we :)

The Truth...
We have been facing some technical glitch with our Login servers due to the increase server load. The team has applied a temporary fix for this issue and we hope to have a permanent one early next week. We request you to let us know if you come across any issues with logins.

In which case if the problem remains very serious, we would again have to shut down services.

We would like you guys to know that fixing this issue is our top priority. In the mean time we are also open to resolving any issues caused to you during this problem... worst case even a server roll back.

In the event of a server rollback, we will try to retrieve some of the important items/item changes that may occur. The list of possible of items that can be retrieved are as below.

G8, Uniques(Weapons, Jewels & Necklaces), Grace of silbadu, Spl Q scrolls, G7, Rune 8,9,10

G9 & G10, item mounting, upgrading above level 6 - gems included, reloading options

NPC Items
Mounted items, Shues, rings and necklaces

Special quest if completed or if failed due to server shut down.

Please begin registering your items with Eventgm located in Quanato Town Centre (Near Guidelulu) between 11am to 1pm & 4pm to 6pm - on 25th & 26th of November 2006. Please note that the above is only valid for items/quests that were created or had taken place after the 17th of November 2006. Any player providing a false claim with us will be penalised.

Kind Regards
GMs - Team A3