Dear all,

We have been receiving a number of questions related to what would happen once the problem with the A3 Servers is fixed. The most common being - what happens to everyone's accounts?.

When a problem occurs and affects accounts in a large scale such as this, it is normal practice to perform a Server Roll Back to be fair to all players- new or old.

What is a Server Roll back?

It is like sending the A3 game server through a Time Machine. The entire server goes back to what it was on the day it gets rolled back to. Your entire game play gets reversed and all account characters are brought back to the same state as on that day.

What date would the Roll Back be till?

This will be done to a date before the problem occurred in the A3 Server. Hence would be reversed to a date on or before the 17th of November. The final date will be announced as soon as possible.

How do i get back the days that i loose ?

Post a roll back of the server, a compensation event will be announced. With the help of this event a player can eventually make up for the entire number of days lost within 3 or 4 days. By putting in even 1 hour more than what a player normally plays, can give the player an added advantage of getting a lot more than what he would have before the roll back.

What will happen to my character?

As mentioned before all characters will get reversed to the exact state they were on the selected date of rollback. All transactions of money, items, changes in experience etc will get reversed.

If you have created a character during this problem period, it may not exist. The character can be recreated once the roll back is complete.

What about hacked items/character deleted?

With the help of a server roll back all items will go back to their original characters as on the selected date. The same would occur with all the deleted character state.

How will i get back all the experience / money / items that i lost?

As mentioned above, post any roll back there will be a compensation event. This event aims to give back users a game play rate much higher than normal. For example, If the roll back occurred to 10days earlier, a 3 or 4 day compensation event will be enabled. At the end of this 3 or 4 day event, a player has a good chance to get 14 days of game play in terms of experience, money, etc...

In addition to this, A3 also will give users a certain set of items that were got during this problem period. To get these items the player has to register with us inside the game. Also keep in mind that these items have to have been either crafted from NPC or got as a drop from a monster. Items bought from other players or picked off the ground (originally belonging to a player) will not be registered. These items after the rollback will automatically go back to their original owners.

Note: A server roll back is intended to give a quick and equal compensation to new and old players. Reversing the ill effects that would have occurred across the entire server at a much faster rate than any other method of fixing the issues caused. Most other methods are manually addressing each and every issue that may take many days to fix.

Best Regards

GM Team - A3