Dear players,

For those wondering what happened to A3 Forums and wondering if the services of A3 are coming to an end... Relax a little. :)


Who stole our Forum?

Its still with us... we had to take it offline on 21st of november to perform some security upgrades to it. A few security leaks were found and are undergoing fixing and testing currently. We hope to have the forum back by the end of this week.


"I hacked A3 Server" ?

This is the best one we've come across so far related to the problem that we faced with the a3 servers. Our dear friends that have said it... well we know the truth right?

The servers faced a technical glitch due to an increase in network load. Just like a when a human is infected with an infection, before giving any medication, the viral infection needs to be identified. We faced a similar issue. A problem that took some time to identify, and then fix. For which not only did the A3 India team work the entire time, but also had our international partners working with us.

What can we say... COMPUTERS!!!

We are proud to say that with all the work, the testing, the feedback from all the players, we have been able to fix the problem. Thanks again.


What more on A3?

We have a few interesting features, maps and quests opening up very soon. No.. not after many months but before that... :) First in line is the release of the rest of Episode 2 maps, quests, monsters etc... Following close with Episode 3... yes Episode 3 is very close.

We already have started talking to our Korean Partners for release of Episode 4 and 5 and hope that we to will catch up with the Korean Servers soon.

More information on the upcoming episodes will take a little time and request you to be a little patient. This information is available in Korean and is undergoing translations.


Mega Events?

Here's a secret.... there is something big opening soon. You might have heard of it, but surely not experienced it. What's so mega about it? It is expected to go on for 3 or 4 months, maybe even longer. Depends on how long you players take to crack it..... oh we've said too much ... :)


That's it for now... Appreciate all the patience and support provided so far.

Best Regards
GM Team - A3