Dear Players,

The roll back has been scheduled to occur on 30th November 2006, during the first half of the day.

We have been getting additional queries which we wish to address in this article.

What if i created a new account/character during this period?

After the roll back you can log into the account with the Userid & Password as you have been logging in with. The new characters created may not exist. You can simply just re-create a new character.

Will the password of my a3 account also roll back?

No, the password will remain the same as the current password. You can login normally using the userid and password that you have been using.

What if a bought a genuine item from seller? How do i get that?

If the item that you purchased was genuine, you can simply re-contact the character that you bought it from. As mentioned, your money would automatically be returned to you after the rollback and the item to the rightful owner.

Incase you have forgotten who the character was that you bought the item from, you can

  1. Give a general shout that you wish to buy that item and see if the player gets in touch with you.
  2. Contact the GMs by sending an email to and make your request giving us the following
    • Item name
    • Item properties
    • Character name & Account ID
    • Date of exchange (optional)

Please keep in mind that a lot of the items that were sold during this time were hacked items. The money that you spent will be returned with the rollback.

Roll back Failure? What next?

There is always a small chance that the roll back is not 100% or in some cases the roll back may not be possible entirely.

For those cases that do not get rolled back, we will look into addressing the cases manually. If the entire roll back procedure fails, please bear with us while we come up with a complete new solution to solve all issues. Also request you to understand that in the case of manual fixing of issues, it will take us sometime to finish addressing and fixing all issues. As the cases reported to us have been of very large numbers.

Note: All issues discussed are for gameplay between 17th november and today.

Best Regards
GM Team - A3