Dear Players,

Until yesterday we kept telling you that we would be doing a server roll back, but today have decided to change our idea based on the number of requests and feedback received from you all. The team here had a meeting to discuss the best possible means to provide you with a fix for the account problems and though a server Rollback is the easier method, we feel that a manual fix is better.

Hellmarsh and the rest of the lands of A3 has been built by you, the players, and the fate of the same should be based on feedback from the players.

From your feedback and the number of requests we have received we have decided to go ahead with an alternate method of fixing the problems as suggested by the players to us instead of an easier option of a rollback which would have been faster for us though.

What is best option as suggested to us? What will we do now?

We feel the best way to solve this problems within the world of A3 is by us working together - The players and the team here. We have decided to carry out the fixes manually and with your help as mentioned below.

What is the process?

  1. Send email to us with claims for hacked characters between 17th and 28th nov.
  2. Send email to us if you went crazy with your own character between 27th and 30th nov.
  3. You will get a reply with Claim ID for that account and account fix date
  4. Meet EventGM with Claim id on date assigned. (If date is not suitable please email back with CLAIMID and you will have a new date assigned)
  5. On meeting EventGM, your account will be blocked for fixing and returned within 24hours.
    (Please make sure to meet the EventGM to begin the process. Even if your characters are all deleted - create atleast one new character from the same account and meet the Event GM)

Attention: As you know verification of information and returning items is a long and pain staking process. We kindly request you to co-operate with us and help us by providing on valid claims. In some cases your character may even be returned to you before we finish this verification since we intend to reduce the delay. False claims , even minor, you will be severely penalized.

The reply with Claim ID and account fix date will be given to you within 24hours (Please bear in mind that our customer care operations work from 9am to 10pm only)

Forgive me for i have sinned!

For those that took advantage and did messed around with other characters, here is your chance for a pardon. Follow steps given below.

  1. Send us an email with your confession for each of the userids
  2. We will reply with a Sinner ID and date of confession
  3. Meet the ConfessionGM in the game and return whatever item you can.
    (Please note last date for confessions are - 4th Dec 2006)

Attention: Even if the items are not with you. Please mention in your email what was done with them. Players that we find guilty of account hack and have not confessed completely will be severely punished.

Details to be sent with the emails.

1. Claims via Email - Hacked / gone berserk with my account.

Besides the characters that got hacked, we also know that some of you over the last few days went crazy with your characters.
Note: Hacked account claims - 17th to 28th Nov only.
I went crazy Claims - 27th to 30th Nov only.

  • Send claims to
  • Email Subject: My claim - issue nov-6
  • a. My User ID:
  • b. Give Heading - Item / Character Hacked (Between 17th and 28th of Nov 2006)
    • Character Deleted - Character name, character level.
    • Items Lost: - Give one below the other with numbers, item details such as options and grades etc for each item.
    • Character properties changed
    • Others - Mercenaries, Shues
  • c. Heading - I went crazy with my character (Between 27th and 30th of Nov 2006)
    • Character Name:
    • What i did in my bout of insanity:

2. Confessions of a sinner:

For those that took advantage and did something wrong, here is your chance for a pardon. Send us an email with the following information.

  • Email Subject: My sin - issue nov-6
  • My User ID:
  • Userid i messed with:
  • What i did to that user id:

Last Date for Submitting your claims is 15/12/06.

100s of accounts, elaborate verification, few of us to resolve manually– huge task but shall be done at the fastest with the support from you guys

Best Regards
GM Team - A3