Visual Changes

Information Overlay
While holding TAB key, an overlay will appear which will show the currently active events, Last 10 Player kills and Latency. While the overlay is active, you can still interact with the environment.

There is also now a notification system which shows the ongoing events and incidents in the game. The notifications can range from
  1. Nevia War - It is a scoreboard about the time remaining and the town scores along with the level requirement.
  2. Power Play - It shows how long the Aura Power Play is and will show the world PvP Score for both the towns.
  3. PvP Notifications - It shows any Player Kill that happened, showing where it happened and level and towns of the people involved.
Monsters Health Indicators
Health of the monsters will now be visible when you hover over them, and will be visible as long as you are attacking that target. Only the players attacking can see the health bar but if another player is attacking you can see the remaining health by hovering over them.
ALT free mode
There is now a new option present to always display character names so that ALT key doesnt have to be hold. To view the Knighthood Information you have to hold ALT key.
Game Improvements
  • Improved rendering performance which will give you much higher Frames per Second (FPS).
  • Fixed left side tilting issue for characters which are a part of Knighthood when using High resolution settings.
  • Fixed flickering issues of character names and items on the ground.

Game Changes

The following changes have been made to the game
  1. Implemented Contribution point system so that you can purchase items from Premium Shop. More details here.
  2. Implemented Boss Subjugation quest for Knighthoods to acquire special abilities and weapons. More details will be made public soon.
  3. Improved network performance and implemented a new and accurate Latency indication system.
  4. Mercenaries will now benefit from Grade 10 set options.